Posted on: January 15, 2008 4:57 pm
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NFL Draft Prospect Rankings (QB's)

1. Matt Ryan - The obvious choice here. This kid has an NFL quality arm with a Einstein quality intelligence. He knows what to do with his seemingly lack of speed (4.90 - 40m) when he gets out of the pocket. In my opinion he's a solid NFL quarterback throughout his tenure.

I'd give this guy a 48 out of 50 on the overall quality charts. Low risk, Medium reward.

Brian Brohm - A true student of the game. He's got the prototypical size (as do all the top tier candidates) and is the most fundamentally sound of all of the senior play-callers coming out. He's a proven winner (that is until this season ) and should keep on winning in the NFL...especially if he goes to a team running the kind of pass first, pro style offense that he was so successful with at Louisville.

46 out of 50. Medium risk, Medium/High reward.

Andre' Woodson - Actually faster than Ryan (4.85 40m) but is seemingly unwilling to run. This could be a good thing in the NFL, actually, because he's unlikely to get his head snapped off on a broken play that results in a scramble. He's got probably the strongest arm of the "big three" and is possibly even the most accurate. The only hindrance I can foresee teams having in selecting him would be his occasional refusal to throw the ball away on a dead play. Similar to Tony Romo this often reaps rewards, but more often it results in loss of yardage.

46 out of 50 Medium/High risk, High Reward

             -To Be Continued-
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