Posted on: January 20, 2008 1:26 pm
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Something you may find interesting...

Tom Brady leads all starting QB's this week in rush attempts!

Brady - 37
Manning - 29
Favre - 29
Rivers - 29

Oddly enough, 3 of the above four quarterbacks have 29 rush attempts. But Brady leads all with 37! I know people have always fancied Brady a "pretty boy" kind of quarterback presumably because of his appearances in fashion magazines, but hey...Ryan Seacrest is in fashion magazines, and....bad example.

But anyway, I just wanted to stress the point that Brady willingly takes more shots to his body than the other three guys and he should get a little more credit. Like maybe an MVP, or something...
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Posted on: January 17, 2008 5:15 pm

How the playoffs WILL go

Packers vs. Giants -

    This is the easy one to call. Do you really think that the Football Giants can go up to Antarctica and beat a team that practices in those conditions every day? I certainly don't. Seattle showed that clearly last Saturday. Lambeu Field is the toughest place to play this time of year and with a young, often horrified looking quarterback at the helm, this could get ugly.
Green Bay wins and goes on to Super Bowl Extra Large 2.

Pats vs. Chargers

    This one is more complicated than the first. The Bolts went into Indy and beat the Champions of tackle football, less-LT and Gates let's not forget. They seemed poised and prepared for the potent Colts offense and Rivers, however immature his acts, played a heck of a game. But you can't let this overshadow the Patriots win over the red hot Jags. They won the game with their record breaking receiver held to 1 catch. We'll see which teams momentum carries over into this game more. Betting against New England has failed me 17 times this season, so I'd seemingly be a fool to change to do such.
Pats win and go to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XLII

The Pack versus the Pats. This is just so fitting. The team searching for the first ever 19-0 season against, arguably, the greatest quarterback in NFL history. Let's not be long winded here. We all know that the Hoodie will be feeding his guys a heapin' helpin' of humble pie all through the playoffs. And we also know that Tom Brady won't let anything the Packers do go unnoticed. He'll be prepared.
Patriots win and complete their season of destiny becoming the next Super Bowl champs.
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